Vaccine glass bottle has a big gap

2021-05-28 15:17
    The quality of medicines is inseparable from packaging materials that are in direct contact with medicines. In order to avoid the interaction between the container and the vaccine, there is a lot of knowledge in the selection of the material of the vaccine bottle. Medium borosilicate glass, the important material behind this vaccine bottle, has gradually entered people's field of vision.

    In the research process of the new crown vaccine, we have proved that our medical research and development strength is very strong. At present, China has won vaccine orders from 16 countries and regions, and the total number is about 500 million doses. On the contrary, due to the low starting point of the industry, the development process of China's pharmaceutical packaging materials industry is significantly lagging behind the overall development level of my country's pharmaceutical industry. As a result, there is a large gap in the vaccine glass bottle. Puyang Shixuan Pharmaceutical Glass Products Co., Ltd., as a large-scale production base specializing in the production of medicinal glass bottles, currently has glass ampoule workshops, controlled injection bottles and controlled oral liquid bottle workshops, and ampoule printing workshops, and strives to make some contributions to the country .

        For example, international standards require that glass containers containing vaccines must be "a type of medium borosilicate glass bottle." Medium borosilicate glass not only has a high melting point, but also has a very important property when it is liquid, that is, high viscosity. With such a material, whether it is a compression mold or a slender and thin glass tube to be drawn, the molding difficulty is much higher than that of ordinary glass liquid. The domestic production rate of this glass bottle is less than 10%. China's seven new crown vaccine projects that were approved to enter the clinical stage in the early stage all used German Schott's borosilicate glass, and none of them used domestically made medicine glass. In other words, for this type of glass bottle, we are still unable to mass-produce high-quality medium borosilicate glass bottles that are sufficient to meet international standards.

        At present, we can find relatively few molding technologies for borosilicate glass, but in this regard, the leading domestic pharmaceutical glass company Puyang Shixuan medicinal glass products has achieved technological breakthroughs and has completely independent property rights. This was followed by a drop in the overall price of borosilicate molded bottles in China.

        According to our internal knowledge, from the early soda-lime glass, low borosilicate glass to medium borosilicate glass, my country's pharmaceutical glass industry is constantly upgrading, and the technology of medium borosilicate glass continues to mature. We have overcome the two processes of molding and control respectively, and some have achieved controllable industrial links.

        Borosilicate glass can be made in China, but the path of Chinese companies has to go more and more solid and wider. Strengthening the industry requires concerted efforts and perseverance.