Medical glass bottle manufacturers share: problems in the proofing of medicinal glass bottles

2021-05-28 15:20

    Whether the bottle and material quality, production equipment, mold manufacturing and other aspects of the glass bottle design match are mainly reflected in the closing process of the medicinal glass bottle, understanding the requirements of the function and appearance of the product, and ensuring product quality. Puyang Shixuan medical glass bottle manufacturer shares with you the problems that exist in the proofing of medical glass bottles.

    1. The cost of medicinal glass bottle molds

    Ordinary mold is about 2,000 yuan per payment. If you want a good appearance, and the size deviation is very strict, it is recommended to use spray-welded molds. The price will also double. Although the manufacturer has received thousands of molds, if the proofing fails several times , The profit margin is not very large. The main reason is that the cost of wasted production time is too high. Especially for special-shaped bottles, many products have undergone many improvements to produce qualified samples. Or the technology used is different, the equipment is different, and it may be difficult to make the same product with different equipment.

    2. Material quality

    If the bottle requires good material quality, especially for medicinal glass material, it is recommended to produce it in a qualified glass factory, so that at least the physical and chemical properties meet the requirements. Now, the common medicinal glass bottles in the world are small-capacity injection bottles and large-capacity infusion bottles.

    Third, the production and price of medicinal glass bottles

    If the capacity can be more than 750ml, it is basically produced by a semi-automatic manual machine, and the minimum quantity is more than 20,000; if it is a conventional glass bottle with a capacity of 100-750ml, it is recommended to use a drip machine to produce, most of the domestic orders are 6 or 8 orders, the minimum quantity More than 100,000 pieces; if it is a special-shaped bottle, regardless of the capacity, it is basically produced by a semi-automatic manual machine, below 500ml, the minimum quantity is more than 50,000; above 500mm, the minimum quantity is more than 20,000.

    Four, glass bottle proofing time:

    Starting from the sample production, from drawing the bottle to the customer confirmation to making the mold, if it is a single drop of 6 groups or a double group of 4 groups, it will take at least 10 sets of molds. Mold production takes about 10 days, plus other time. 5 days, so it takes 20 days at the fastest. In terms of the production efficiency of medical glass bottle manufacturers and small manufacturers, it is recommended to choose well-known large-scale manufacturers with complete production specifications, technology and quality of medicinal glass bottles.