Medical glass bottle manufacturers share the production process of glass bottles

2021-05-28 15:21

    Glass bottle is an indispensable container in our lives. Its good performance is deeply loved by the public and is widely used in many places. So what is the craftsmanship of glass bottles produced by glass bottle manufacturers? Puyang Shixuan The manufacturers of medicinal glass bottles share with you.

    Glass bottles are irreplaceable food packaging bottles. Thirty years have passed. People cannot do without glass bottles. Plastic bottles are very harmful to the human body. The raw materials come from petrochemicals. They all know that long-term use is extremely harmful to the human body. It is said that glass bottles are recognized by mankind as irreplaceable food packaging bottles.

    First of all, the appearance quality of glass bottles: downwardly divided into material color, smoothness, transparency, etc.; the element is glass bottle material color, divided into three grades according to regional standards: fine white material, high white material, and ordinary white material; the same material color Look at the smoothness and transparency of the glass bottle. The appearance of a good bottle should be free of impurities, bubbles, cold spots, sticking to the bottle, no wrinkle, no putty, etc., and one more thing to note is the "double stitching" of the bottle body. The quality requirements of glass bottle manufacturers are not strict, and there are often large seams and double seams; after looking at the bottle body directly, the clarity and permeability of the large mouth glass bottle should be good, and the small mouth glass bottle should not have particularly obvious dizzy waves. Pattern.

    This kind of crack is formed by the sudden loss of heat in a part of the container. The UV curable ink for glass bottles prevents the need for high-temperature annealing and provides a range of colors that is almost unconstrained.

    Secondly, the internal quality of the glass bottle: this is more subdivided, such as the strength of the glass bottle, the temperature difference between rapid cold and hot heat, the verticality of the bottle body, the thickness of the bottle body, no deformation of the bottle body, the crooked neck, the flatness and roundness of the bottle mouth, and no cold lines. Deep-fried mouth, full silk pattern, no broken silk, no diameter inside bottle mouth, etc. The common problems of Xuzhou glass bottle manufacturers are the following: small-mouth bottle crooked neck, small-mouth flat bottle body shaking, large-mouth bottle swelling, etc.; the result of small-mouth bottle crooked neck is affecting the appearance, and it cannot be machine-filled and cannot be machine-sealed. Cover; the reason is due to mold factors, fast production machine speed, unmatched bottle clamp clamps, etc.; small mouth flat bottle shaking is mostly caused by the non-slip line at the bottom of the mold, but also the head printing deviation, and the fast speed of the machine has not been shaped properly. ; The consequence of the bulging silk of the jar is that the silk pattern becomes thicker and cannot be sealed because of the poor heat dissipation of the large mouth mold or the shallow pumping head.

    After comparing the glass bottles, it is found that the most common defect is the micro-cracks on the surface of the glass wine bottle, also known as shrinkage cracks. When the glass wine bottle is filled with hot liquid, it will cause the container to rupture, and the remaining enamel will be washed away.

    With the progress of society, glass bottle packaging products are also emerging in endlessly. Nowadays, there are more and more liquor bottle products on the market. Consumers also have a certain degree of confusion when choosing liquor bottles. What about glass bottle manufacturers without professional tools? How about a simple method to judge the quality of glass bottles?

    If the thermal conductivity of the metal material and the temperature difference between the glass and the metal material in contact is large, it will be promoted. It has been a hundred years since glass bottle packaging food has entered the society. From ancient handwork to the current mechanism technology, glass bottle packaging is healthy for the human body and has been recognized by the society. Since the successful development of glass bottles, it has quickly replaced the packaging of ceramic bottles. , Has now become the protagonist of global packaging. Now with the development and progress of society, plastic bottles have a superior price and want to surpass the position of glass bottles. In the past 30 years, plastic bottles have occupied nearly 60% of the packaging in the market, but The consequences are not ideal. Used plastic bottle garbage is everywhere, causing great pollution to the earth.

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